Automotive Security Windows Film

Shield yourself and your family from accident related injuries and forced entry by strengthening your windows with LLumar safety films.

As cities become overfilled with cars, accidents happen all the time.

So what happens to windows if the vehicle is hit from the side?
• Unprotected side windows explode into lots of glass shards.
• Sharp glass shards can damage the face, eyes or other unprotected parts of the body of anyone sitting in the car.
• In severe accidents, the is a chance flying out of the vehicle through one of the windows, which can lead to life changing injuries or even death.

Many test results from Germany’s safety testing facilities indicate that LLumar Safety Film creates a reliable barrier between you and danger, and keeps the windows in one piece in case of an accident.
• Passenger are well protected against glass shards;
• Broken windows pieces are firmly held together by the film and the window can still function.

LLumar shields you and your family from the unexpected.

Anti-Theft protection
Unless the windows are secured, it would only take 5 seconds for your car windows to be broken and your belongings stolen. It’s even more terrifying if you are inside the vehicle during the robbery.
LLumar Safety Film (200 µm thicker than usual) is a trustworthy solution against such threats.
• Broken glass shards are held by the safety film and eliminate the possibility of a sudden attack.
• If you are inside during the attack – you have more time to react.
Many unsuccessful attempts, together with the noise from breaking in and the car’s alarm will make the thief reconsider his chances and move away.

Don’t be the victim! Protect yourself, your family and your private possessions with LLumar safety films.

You love your car for many reasons – from style to the euphoria you get when driving. Thanks to LLumar films you will have another reason to enjoy journey, as you’ll be assured that both you and your family are travelling in safety and comfort.

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